Brain subject. 2014-2018

This series corresponds to my PhD research on introspection into the genesis of my artwork.

I have made a series of paintings directly related to the subject of study: the brain, as a source of inspiration. The brain is the most complex organ of man, characterized by global constant plasticity and its local and long-range interconnection’s structure (small world), internal and external to the subject. This has led me to choose as support of my paintings advertisement posters gathered in the street, which have been seen and remain in the memories of a huge number of people. In addition, the poster shows a rough texture and many layers evoking the cerebral convolutions and architecture.

In a phase of experimentation at the Polytechnic School of Madrid, I have made a research on neuroaesthetics with records of my brain activity by magnetoencephalogram after differential cognitive stimulation to discriminate the activation of different brain areas associated with aesthetic perception. The murals brains tag designs (see figure below) allude to this investigation.

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