Introspection. 2014-2018


This series corresponds to my PhD research on introspection into the genesis of my artwork (see publications).


Since 2010, I am developing an art research project on how memory influences on the genesis of the artwork from the perspective of the artist subject; and alternatively on how this memory analysis shapes my own creativity, which consists mainly in a series of paintings and writings.


The working hypothesis is the methodological approach to the analysis of the artwork’s creation through an introspection process by the own artist based on fragments of memory from her/his personal, cultural and emotional experience. In the recent years, Neuroscience is bringing about a real revolution on the functioning of the mental processes of memory, remembrance and creative synthesis and on the biochemical nature of memory. A recent scientific movement led by Francisco Varela proposed the need to study the mental processes, inherently subjective, as is the case of artistic creation, through new tools of introspection (analysis in the first person). My work is a translation of this line of scientific thought to the field of art through my painting. This introspective analysis could complement and enhance other analysis of the artwork outside the artist.


In this phase, I make works that intermingle elements of collective memory out of the posters with fragments of my memory (memories of my childhood, characters and key dates in the context of my analysis in the first person and depending on each work). In this new stage I want to give a priority to the development of this work to a message related to the freedom to choose with the potential that each of us have. My work use strictly personal concepts with global elements (advertising, communication, cultural myths), critical thinking over global thinking.


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